Reunion Island

The Island of Volcanoes

Why Reunion Island

Le Piton de la Fournaise Volcano

Bicycling tour in Belouve

Creole cooking class with a local chef

Wild South

Speleology - an exploration of caves

A holiday as gorgeous as a postcard

This fabulously scenic little island in the middle of the IndianOceanisfortunatelylittleknown, inspite of being home to the famous and formidable Piton de la Fournaise - one of the world’s most accessible volcanoes. Untouched forests, spirited waterfalls and natural pools of emerald water form the backdrop of this holiday, as you go on bicycle tours, learn to cook creole food, go underground in lava tubes and gaze gobsmacked at the spectacular volcanic landscapes.


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6 Nights/7 Days


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Reunion Island


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Stolen Moments

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Arrive Reunion Island

Upon arrival at the Reunion Island, your driver picks you up at the airport and transfers you to your hotel. After checking-in, freshen-up and relax. You begin your holiday this evening with a sunset cruise on the cerulean Indian Ocean. Enjoy a chilled pina colada and some local music, while you watch the sun paint the sky a deep shade of crimson. (Overnight at your hotel.)


Rise early to meet your driver at 7am. Today, you visit the famous Le Piton De La Fournaise, the 5th most active volcano on the planet. Stop at Le Nez de Boeuf, the Commerson Crater and the magical Plaine des Sables for some stunning views of the vast, lunar dessert plateau. Bordered by mineral nothingness and a palette of reddish black volcanic slag, the landscape is a thing of dazzling beauty. Later, stop at Le Pas de Bellecombe and Bois Court and drink in some even more spectacular views. When you’ve had your fill, head to La Plaine des Palmistes, a beautiful creole village. Take a bicycle tour and pack in a bit of history and culture. Then, head back to your hotel. (Overnight at your hotel.)

At leisure

You have today to yourself. Relax, go for long walks or just breathe in the fresh ocean air. Sometimes, it’s wonderful to not have a plan.

Creole Cooking Class In Sainte-Suzanne

Today, you head to the East Coast of Reunion Island for your cooking class with a local chef. The session begins with a trip to the bustling local market, where the chef helps you identify and pick ingredients for the meal. You head back to his kitchen with your bag of groceries, and learn how to prepare some authentic creole dishes. Later, you sit down for lunch and find out just how delicious the food is and what a skilled cook you are! (Overnight at your hotel.)


Today is a free day. Relax or better still, go explore. Reunion Island, as you may have discovered by now is breathtakingly beautiful and strikingly diverse. Go hiking, diving or whale-watching. Whatever you do, don’t spend the day indoors.

Speleology in lava tubes @ Le Grand Brule

Today, head to the Wild South for your tour of the volcanic tunnels. On your way, take in the sight of fecund volcanic slopes, spectacular lava flows, lush tropical forests and vast sugar cane fields. Understand why the Wild South is so called. On yourtour, explore Reunion Island through underground volcanic tunnels that were formed through centuries of eruption and lava movement. Follow your guide through a small opening in the ground into a network of majestic tunnels that were formed when ribbons of red-hot lava drained from a volcano, cooling and thickening into an insulating crust, creating a roof over the still-flowing lava. This tour promises 3 hours of some stunning speleology. (Overnight at your hotel.)

Back home

Transfer to the airport.

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Arrive Reunion Island

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Day 03

At leisure

Day 04

Creole Cooking Class In Sainte-Suzanne

Day 05


Day 06

Speleology in lava tubes @ Le Grand Brule

Day 07

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We are back from Russia. This is a quick note to thank you for helping us with our holiday plan. The arrangements were very good and we really enjoyed ourselves after a long hiatus! Looking forward to our next vacation already....

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